14 APRIL 2021 10AM ET / 3PM BST

Robocalling & STIR/SHAKEN: Mitigating Fraud in 2021

Unfortunately, due to a number of unforeseen circumstances, we have had to postpone the date of this webinar. Feel free to register now and receive your invite at a later date.

After many attempts by governments and international committees to stamp out illegal activities (varying in success), platform regulators are looking to regain control.

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In the U.S, FCC regulations like STIR/SHAKEN require action from service providers by mid-2021. In the EU, UK, Australia and Singapore, new projects are regularly being launched by governments to try and stamp out illegal SPIT (Spam over Internet Telephony).

But with all this new legislation, what is actually changing? And what can we expect these attempts to affect in the long run?

Join Voxbone, now Bandwidth’s experts as we help you grapple with how the world is combatting robocalling.

We’ll talk about:

  • What is Robocalling, and when is it illegal?
  • How are different countries, such as the US, UK and Singapore tackling Robocalling and VoIP spam?
  • A deep dive around the US’s STIR/SHAKEN legislation
  • Key considerations for service providers to ensure legitimate traffic is delivered
  • How Voxbone, now part of Bandwidth, approaches these regulations while supporting our customers

How are different countries tackling robocalling and VoIP spam?